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Part of the journey is the end.
Avengers: Endgame
After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe once and for all, no matter what consequences may be in store.
Title Avengers: Endgame
Release Date 2019-04-24
Genres Adventure Science Fiction Action
Production Companies Marvel Studios
Production Countries United States of America


The epic Marvel Saga that started over ten years ago has been building up to the inevitable clash with the powerful tyrant Thanos (Josh Brolin). Last year’s “Avengers: Infinity War” set the stage for the highly-anticipated conclusion; “Avengers: End Game” and at long last it has arrived. Picking up shortly after the events of the last film, the Avengers must deal with the aftermath of what Thanos has done. The team is naturally divided between wanting revenge, wanting to set things right, and just wanting to take what they have and go on. As time passes and they struggle to accept the reality of their situation; an unexpected individual returns and with them comes the seeds of a new plan to make things right. Naturally Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is skeptical but eventually warms to the possibilities of the idea thanks to a new scientific breakthrough that makes it possible. Inspired, Tony sets out to put an elaborate plan in motion that will allow the team to try to fix things and to stop Thanos once and for all. What follows is an extended and at times nostalgic heist where various members of the team work to assemble the pieces needed for the plan as they believe they only have one chance to make things right. The film is essentially three acts in one. The first deals with the recap and expansion of their situation and the planning. The second act is basically a heist where action and comedy are blended with some touching moments. This all leads to the final act which is the FX laden set piece where the ensemble cast gathers to fight the forces of evil in a battle to save the Universe. The film is epic in scale and length as it clocks in at over three hours but the movie is filled with so much content that the time goes by quickly and you have a hard time believing three hours have elapsed. It is also a difficult film to review as you cannot recap elements of the film in any great detail without giving away elements that are sure to delight the fans. Suffice it to say that my only real issue with the fil and it was minor; was that it took a while to get to the action but at least there was plenty to keep you entertained along the way. As this phase of the Marvel Film Universe winds down and plans are put in place for the next five years; “Avengers: End Game” is a satisfying conclusion to the epic saga that was started many years ago and weaves elements of many of the past Marvel films into an entertaining tale which features all of the best elements that have made the series of films such big hits. 4.5 stars out of 5
Hey, so, just some really quick thoughts I wanna get down, 'cause it's after 1 o'clock in the morning, and I wanna get some sleep so I can wake up well rested to see _Endgame_ again. Putting it out there right from the get-go, _Avengers: Endgame_ is my favourite MCU movie. It's my favourite movie of the year too, but I've only seen like ten or so 2019 releases, and this is the 22nd Marvel Cinematic Universe film, so that seems far and away the bigger deal. I can't say it's perfect, there's some conflicting stuff within its own runtime that really doesn't seem to gel (though a re-watch may prove me wrong on that), and it's not like every moment was the no-holds-barred-zero-exception best version of that moment from start to end. But God I loved this thing. I will say this though, the reason that I loved it, is this thing is fan service galore. If you do not care for the franchise's 21 movies preceding this point, then _Endgame_ is not the movie to turn you around on that. That may come in a future installment, but this one is a culmination. It's the end of _Infinity War_ but also Phase 3, but also a wrap-up and genuine ode to/send off for everything that Marvel has done over the past 11 years. That to me was incredible, and I am eternally greatful, but I cannot imagine it working for people who have no vested interest in these characters. To me though? My first 9 out of 10 rating in **three years**. _Final rating:★★★★½ - Ridiculously strong appeal. I can’t stop thinking about it._
If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog :) Don't worry. This is going to be a pretty vague review. Right now, as I'm writing this sentence, I'm still processing what I saw and how am I going to explain how I felt without spoiling a single tiny thing. First of all, it's such a mix of feelings. On one hand, I'm extremely happy that I was lucky to be alive during this epic time and that I was able to follow these characters that I love and care about so much. On the other hand, I'm obviously sad that it finally reached the end of this (hopefully) first incredible saga. There are no perfect films and one with so many heroes will always have struggles balancing it all (Infinity War already had this issue). However, the Russo brothers did everything they could to deliver a phenomenal story, and they did. I don't think this could have been any better. Its last hour exceeds any expectations. It's epic, emotional, action-heavy, and it has one of my favorite shots in the entire history of cinema. It's pure magic, and the VFX team will surely get an Oscar for it. The action reminded me of the biggest Lord of the Rings' battles, and it was impeccably filmed, filled with riveting and chill-inducing sequences. Nevertheless, don't expect this high-intensity feeling throughout the whole runtime. The other two acts are a slow-burn build-up to a payoff that's going to make you pretty much either "love" or "like" this movie. I absolutely love it! This is easily one of the best MCU films, if not my new number one. I can't deny that the 3-hour runtime has some unnecessary scenes, but even if they don't have a significant impact on the plot or even in the characters, they still contribute to the enormous build-up. Seeing this family that we grew up with just talking with each other or having lunch, at the same time that they deal with the consequences of Thanos' snap, is inexplicably captivating and heartwarming. Characters like Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) and Steve (Chris Evans) supporting each other is simply beautiful. Their comradery and chemistry are worthy of some tears here and there. Some people didn't really enjoy Infinity War so much due to the lack of screentime that some characters had. This time around, there are fewer characters to work with, so the balance is better. Everyone gets an important role, from Captain America to Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) to Nebula (Karen Gillan), and even Rocket (Bradley Cooper). Every single character has a major moment. If you take one out of the movie, it just doesn't work anymore. This is not only great work from the directors, but also from the writers. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are not even going to be remembered because fans will always think of the cast first. Most of them will also remember the directors. But the writers?! If I stand at the door of the theater at the end of the film and question everyone about who are the writers, I strongly believe most of the audience won't know. Every dialogue, every sentence, every word carries so much impact on the narrative. Literally, I cried and got chills just by hearing two freaking words with the perfect timing in between. The amount of grief that the words of the ones who've lost everyone and everything carry is palpable and, for me, those are the most emotional moments of the movie: seeing how everyone is suffering from their own losses, not the deaths themselves. The humor is mostly on-point, but it's still connected to my only real issue with the film, which is the second act's tone. From the moment the team decides what to do, we already know that this is a 1 in 14 million chance of success like Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) said, so the stakes and pressure are massive! With this level of tension, I didn't expect such an “easygoing” and “funny” vibe throughout, except for one particular sequence. They do a great job once again of pairing up certain Avengers together, but most of them go through these too comedic plot points for such a crucial and serious mission. Fortunately, this act carries enough action and emotional drive to make this problem not that big of an issue. Visually, this is arguably the best-looking superhero film ever. From the mind-blowing visual effects to the gorgeous cinematography, everything is perfect. The costumes are gritty and muddy when our heroes are in a battle, their faces are all filled with blood, and I have no words to describe how jaw-dropping that last act is. I can't wait to change my desktop wallpaper once THAT shot is available. I dropped a single tear just by looking at it. No one talks, no one does anything. It's just an amazingly beautiful image. The score is epic as hell. So much that I'm listening to it right now as I'm writing this review, and I'm getting chills all over my body. I can't really write much more, to be honest. I will acknowledge the cast because they are brilliant. Each and every single member delivers an outstanding performance, but if I had to choose the ones that both surprised me and had the most impact on me, they would be Johansson's, Evans', and Robert Downey Jr's (Tony Stark / Iron Man). “New” characters like Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) blend seamlessly, and the payoff is unbelievably satisfying. In terms of predictability, it goes more or less as I expected, but it still carries a few surprises throughout. Nothing is ever like we imagine or theorize about, so expect the unexpected, and don't judge a movie by if it fits your crazy, unrealistic theories that never crossed the producers and directors' minds in the first place! All in all, I don't know what to do now. The only thing I'm sure of is that I want to see it again, as soon as possible. The last hour is f*cking insane. I couldn't fall asleep properly because I couldn't stop thinking about it. Endgame surpasses all expectations. It's everything I wished for and so much more. I could easily spend a whole day at the movie theater and watch three sessions in a row. It's that good. One of the best comic-book films of all-time, without a single doubt. Thank you to Kevin Feige and everyone who worked hard to bring the MCU to where it stands now. I can't even think of how are they going to produce something at the level of Infinity Saga. Maybe they never will. Maybe we'll have to wait another decade or two for something like this. Until then, see you at the next Endgame screening! Enjoy! Oh and #DontSpoilTheEndgame! PS: it's not a perfect movie, I know. It doesn't exist one. Yes, Endgame has some issues regarding its pacing and tone, but I would be lying to myself if this isn't everything I dreamed of. I felt the same way with Civil War, regarding the rating to give, and I ended up giving it an A after a first viewing. As soon as I watched the second time, I changed it to an A+. I don’t need to wait for that second viewing with Endgame … And thank you to my audience for being incredibly respectful. No yelling, no crazy laughs, no stupid people doing stupid stuff. Thank you so much for not ruining one of the best cinematic experiences of my life! Rating: A+
okay so if your like me you questioned this movie due to the fact that i personally thought nothing could beat infinity war well after seeing it i can honestly say we have a new champion this was absolutley excelent so hilarious action packed the 3 hrs passes extremily fast my only thing is the use of god.... bothered me and i suggest if your offended by that wait till dvd so you can mute the parts also a reminder to parents 'no matter how bad you want to see the movie dont do like people in my theater did and bring your 3 year old 'but besides that awesome movie
We waited till day 5 of release in theaters. There was a slow start to the movie so i don't recommend taking little ones under the age of 10. After all the anticipation and hype,Avengers Endgame did not disappoint. Waa a perfect "ending' to the series. Very well done
Per Gunnar Jonsson
These kind of movies are among the few movies that I can be bothered to go to an actual theater to watch nowadays. For most movies I just wait until they come out on disk (preferably Ultra HD Blu-ray if it’s available) and watch them on my home theater rig. So this weekend me and the kids went to the theater to watch Avengers: Endgame. I have to say that it was better, even much better, than I feared. I really feared that the SJW retards at Marvel would take this opportunity to completely re-organize the Marvel universe to their liking. Like how they completely ruined both professor Xavier and Wolverine in that abysmal Logan movie. Luckily, this did not really happen. Maybe the financial reality of their failing SJW comics and Disney doing a bit of culling of the most extreme of the Marvel retards, the ones who fail to understand that super hero movies are meant to entertain and not be their personal agenda channel, are starting to take effect. It was actually a quite good movie with plenty of action, some humor and, of course, lots and lots of special effects. Even the story made somewhat sense, at least in the context of a Marvel movie, even though the writers resorted to time travel. The movie starts of somewhat dark and grim but I guess that was to be suspected. It cheered up as it moved along and then ending … well to me at least it was mostly satisfactory. I was not too thrilled about the “new” Hulk although I warmed up to him a bit during the film. Thor? The less that is said about him the better actually. The rest of the merry bunch was in pretty good shape and I am quite happy that we did not get to see to much of Quill’s usual shenanigans. I really hate that character. I was quite positively surprised at the huge and quite cool battle towards the end. I was thinking, or rather hoping, that at some time they were just going to reverse Thanos’ crap and that would be it but instead we get to watch another huge confrontation with pretty much everyone involved at the end. Very cool action and FX indeed. There were some silly plot holes of course. As always when writers resort to time travel. An obvious one would of course be that, when they knew they only had enough Pym particles to complete one trip for each person why did they just not go back in time to get more the first thing they did? Especially since they later did exactly that. Also, Captain Marvel (in her new SJW hairdo) flies through a barrage of fire, smashes through Thanos’ ship like it was nothing and then struggles to combat Thanos himself? There were a bit of this silliness spread around but not too much for me to be bothered by it. There were a few casualties of which I am saddened by two of them. I think at least one of them was unnecessary and probably agenda based. I also strongly disliked the rubbish with Captain America at the end. He has never been one of my favorite characters so I do not really care much about him being around or not but that rubbish sob-scene where he hands over his shield to a “politically correct” person was really unnecessary. I guess it must have been put there to appease the Marvel SJW retards. Anyway, my bottom line is that I was greatly entertained by this movie. It had all the good stuff, real super heroes, action, special effects and not too much of the crap that has been spewing out of Marvel the last years.
***How can they possibly save half of all living beings in the Universe?*** How are the surviving Avengers & Co. possibly going to save half of the Universe that died? My wife & I had this discussion before viewing. It basically comes down to two options (assuming the events in "Infinity War" weren’t just a dream): magic or time travel. All I’ll say is: What they came up with was in ways reminiscent of the plot convolutions of "Back to the Future II" (1989). “Endgame” (2019) begins strong with the devastating reality of half of all living beings in the Universe suddenly vanishing. It starts to get lethargic about an hour in, but perks up with the three teams trying to apprehend the Infinity Stones so they can maybe reverse what happened at the end of the previous film. Everything naturally leads to a huge battle in the last hour that I found boring, not to mention that the epilogue tended to drag on with too much of it being tedious. Still, there are lots of worthy bits throughout, like the opening, the unpredictable first encounter with Thanos, Thor getting flabby, the moving match between Black Widow and Hawkeye at the cliff’s edge, and much more. Unfortunately, the myriad protagonists work against the film because it can’t concentrate on any one or two characters for very long. Captain Marvel is short shifted and decidedly dull. Plus the movie’s overlong at 3 hours, 1 minute. GRADE: B/B-
Justin Lopez
The amazing fight scenes and CGI aren’t enough to mask the fact that the overall plot of going back in time to change reality is just plain stupid and lazy - and this is addressed to the writers. I did know that there was gonna be some time travel involved, but the way Marvel explained and executed it didn't too well for me. They can't get away with just putting it all in "Quantum.”
Sure the final fight with Thanos is more than epic, but I expected more than that. I wanted substance and a plot that didn't rely on "quantum" for all the questions and explanations.
Sadly, I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did with the first "Avengers" movies.
Jane Hall
Honestly, it felt like it was too much of a set-up for me. Having Antman isolated in the Quantum realm was just too convenient and it felt like Marvel was just looking for a foundation for the script they had for this movie that wasn't even as good as the previous ones.
Needed more Dr. Strange action! Felt like the final fight scene with Thanos could've been choreographed a lot better especially when you have a magic caster who could dish out different spells like Dr. Strange. But alas, he was instead given the duty of holding off the impending doom from crashing down on his team.
John Smith
Not a big fan of the ending. But I guess when you have only 0.000000000001% chance of winning you can't expect it to be the best ending there is.
First of all, good popcorn movie, if you are hardcore fan of marvel or visual effect in general, this is a movie for you. However, it is clear that imagination of Marvel studio keeps deteriorating. The process and ending is clear about 10% into the movie. Zero development of character. Amateur plot twist. All cliche and low class humor. It is 21st century and they still cling on adult fairy tale and plain visual stimulation. The whole purpose is to let fans know what happens to the character. Good business investment but great shame to the art of movie industry. It is a blatant exploitation of grandpa IP with zero innovation. Hero fantasy lived in half a century ago. Time to learn from modern Japanese manga and anime (I am not talking about One Piece or Naruto). Stop stitching up individuals from different background and call it a universe, it's laughable at best.

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