1912, Breaking the Silence 2010

Afro-Cubans played a leading role in the fight to free Cuba from Spanish domination; as part of that struggle, slavery was abolished. Nevertheless, as African descendants began to achieve a semblance of social and economic parity, the plantocracy, backed up by the US army, sought to undo their gains. Determined to resist, veterans of the Mambi army formed the Party of Independents of Color, gaining wide popular support and ultimately threatening the domination of the white Cuban rulers. Their response was savage, and 6,000 Afro-Cubans were massacred; until this film, these events have been shrouded in silence.

Hillsville 1912: A Shooting in the Court 2011

On the cold Spring morning of March 14th, 1912 shots rang out inside the tiny mountain courtroom. As the smoke cleared the sheriff, judge, and the common wealth attorney all lay dead. The exciting story of the Allen family and the officials who tried to bring them to justice.

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